Friday, March 30, 2012

Yikes! the A to Z Challenge Starts in Two Days

I've been spending way more time playing video games than actually writing about them lately. (last time I blamed Skyrim, now I'm blaming Mass Effect) Not that's it's a bad thing. But all through March, I've been thinking about the A to Z challenge and how unprepared I feel.

But I know I'll finish it. I did last year. I think my biggest hurdle is going to be not repeating words from last year. Let's face it, the letter X screams "Xbox" and I will surely use every letter I can to babble happily about the Legend of Zelda.  But, I also have some cool ideas. Luckily, the world of gaming is rapidly changing and many awesome (and not so awesome) things have happened in the last year.

I look forward to reading many posts during the month. It's going to be fun!