Video Game Tattoos

I'm creating a handy page to post pics of my gaming tattoos all in one place. So far I have a few, but I have plenty of ideas including Gears of War, Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Resident Evil, Mass Effect, and more.
In addition to gaming tattoos, I added my Transmet one at the bottom of the page.

BioShock tattoo:

It's huge and raps around my leg. I'm also adding some background. It goes from my knee to my upper thigh. Here's the full post on on it:

Circus of Values from BioShock:

Wind Waker Link tattoo:

On my arm. Full post:

Vault Boy from Fallout New Vegas tattoo:

Near the Link one on my arm. Full post:

Transmetropolitan bowel disruptor
Not from a game, of course, but still very cool.


  1. still gotta get your crimson omen up!
    and the bowel disrupter(okay, not from a game, but still nerdtastic!)

    1. Yep, I do. :)

      I do have a picture of the bowl disrupter on a different page. However, it would be cool if I put it here too.

  2. Bioshock tattoo is game is good. Great news for tattoo lovers.