Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video Games and Women

So ladies who are gamers, do you feel the gaming industry is getting better or worse for us?  Do we need to label ourselves as "gamer girls" or should we all just be "gamers?"

On a day to day basis, I don't really think about how women fit into video games. I have games and I play them. But I do think about what it means to be a women who likes to play games  every so often. Like in the Discovery Channel's Rise of Video Game series. It describes gamers as going from "boys" to "young men." Really? I've been playing video games since Nintendo was released in the U.S., so I feel girls who grew up on games should be mentioned.

And of course there's the "fanboy."  Magazines will proclaim the "fanboys" are going to love this game or that game. Why can't we just be fans?

Women just don't play Cooking Mama or facebook games. In fact, I don't play either. I prefer shooters, RPGs and action/adventure. I don't care if my character is female or male. I just want to kill zombies, shoot the Locust, set the Big Sister on fire with a plasmid etc.

Do we need all the labels? Is it a good thing or bad thing? I'm not sure. But at the end of the day  I just want to play.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Spirit Tracks is better then Phantom Hourglass

Don't get me wrong, I love Phantom Hourglass. But compared to other Zelda games, it seems short and not as deep. And don't get me started on that damn timed temple of doom. Yikes! I didn't really like the backtracking or if time ran out, your health dropped like mad. That's why when I read reviews of Spirit Tracks, I hesitated in buying it. Maybe all DS Zeldas were going to be carbon copies.

I'm not a big handheld gaming person anyway, so I rented it from gamefly. Then I kept it. (Yes I paid for it, using their "keep" button). I'm happy to report I'm in love with Spirit Tracks. The Sprint Temple, although quite like the timed temple in Hourglass isn't as tedious. It's not timed and Zelda is there to help you. And It's pretty funny when Zelda gets into a guard's amour and is scared. She does a little dance, it's great. There is some much to do, explore and unlock. And Link looks so cute in his little train conductor outfit. The game is challenging and loads of fun.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

In a Zelda Kind of Mood

Maybe it's because we're suppose to be getting a new Legend of Zelda for the Wii by the end of the year (although I would be shocked if that happened) or maybe I've just been playing Spirit Tracks on my DS nonstop, but I have been in Zelda mood lately.

What is it about that little green clad boy that I love? I guess it's because I grew up with Link. From playing the original Zelda in my childhood to beating Ocarina of Time when I was pregnant with my son. To staying up late after the baby went to bed to play Majora's Mask to playing Wind Waker with my pre-schooler on my lap, I've been addicted to all thing Zelda since the beginning. When I get in a Zelda mood, it lingers for awhile.

So to celebrate all things Zelda, I am working on two Zelda related articles.

Before they're done, you can read my "Why the Legend of Zelda is the Greatest Game" article. I wrote this in honor of Game Informer magazine giving the original 8-bit masterpiece the title of best game of all time.

My favorite line in Game Informer's paragraph about Zelda goes something like this: How many life long gamers did Shigeru Miyamoto create with Zelda?
While nobody can give an exact number, I proudly count myself among the millions.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strange Little Things I Love in Video Games

I think I might start a series like this if I keep picking my brain and remembering strange little fun facts about games.
Today, I'm going to look a few silly little things you can do in video games. These aren't minigames, or sidequests, just small, amusing activities.

Fallout 3
I could probably write a book about all the neat little things in Fallout 3. From surviving glitches to collecting Bobbleheads, this game is full of weird, wonderful things. The strangest thing I have found is Cow tipping, yep COW tipping. (Well, it should be called Brahmin tipping). After you get the Chinese Stealth Suit, you can sneak up on the Wasteland's bovines and push them over. It's great fun. You don't hurt them, they just moo and fall over.

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Attack of the chickens!! This never ceases to amuse me. If you attack a chicken long enough, a whole flock will come out of nowhere and attack poor Link. Granted it's been awhile since I played A Link to the Past, but from what I remember you really have to hit that chicken a lot (I'm talking minutes and minutes) for the flock to come. Still, it's weird little thing tucked into the game.

Gears Of War
Marcus and Dom love to boogie. My brother taught me this one. If you place Marcus or Dom against the wall while under cover and switch their weapons over and over, it sort of looks like they're dancing. Like a disco too! Maybe I'm just easily amused...

For some cool video game facts that actually have a point in the plot, check out my Shocking Video Game Plot Twists article.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

About me

I've been playing video games since the original Nintendo Entertainment System. My favorite game of all time is the Legend of  Zelda. I'm also in love with the BioShock, Portal, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Fallout, Super Mario Bros, Resident Evil, and Gears of Wars series, among many others. I play every type of gaming genre except for sports, music, and racing. I own a Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, and PSP.

Besides the video games, I'm a Harry Potter nerd, a Star Wars geek , obsessed with the Venture Bros and Dethklok is one of my favorite bands.

I  write for YCN where I'm a Featured Video Games Contributor and BrightHub for the Console Channel.