Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strange Little Things I Love in Video Games

I think I might start a series like this if I keep picking my brain and remembering strange little fun facts about games.
Today, I'm going to look a few silly little things you can do in video games. These aren't minigames, or sidequests, just small, amusing activities.

Fallout 3
I could probably write a book about all the neat little things in Fallout 3. From surviving glitches to collecting Bobbleheads, this game is full of weird, wonderful things. The strangest thing I have found is Cow tipping, yep COW tipping. (Well, it should be called Brahmin tipping). After you get the Chinese Stealth Suit, you can sneak up on the Wasteland's bovines and push them over. It's great fun. You don't hurt them, they just moo and fall over.

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Attack of the chickens!! This never ceases to amuse me. If you attack a chicken long enough, a whole flock will come out of nowhere and attack poor Link. Granted it's been awhile since I played A Link to the Past, but from what I remember you really have to hit that chicken a lot (I'm talking minutes and minutes) for the flock to come. Still, it's weird little thing tucked into the game.

Gears Of War
Marcus and Dom love to boogie. My brother taught me this one. If you place Marcus or Dom against the wall while under cover and switch their weapons over and over, it sort of looks like they're dancing. Like a disco too! Maybe I'm just easily amused...

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  1. Heh, video games can be even more fun when you find little things like this!

  2. Haha, these are pretty funny! Would a chicken attack and cow tipping feature in Farmville make you want to play it? :P