Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Early 2011 Video Game Releases

That's if they don't get delayed, of course. Early next year, we can look forward to some video games that were originally set to be released by 2010. Crysis 2 is on the list. This FPS is the sequel to highly praise PC game. Crysis 2 will be available for consoles. Another game to look at for is Portal 2. The original was packaged with the Orange Box, but it gained such popularity, the sequel is being released on its own in February 2011. Killzone 3, a PS3 exclusive, will be compatible with Move, and has 3D support. Bulletstorm is a new title set in the future where players are a drunken space pirate.

Hopefully, these games will be released when they are suppose to be. It gives us something to look forward to after the post Christmas gaming frenzy.

Here's a complete list.

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