Friday, July 1, 2011

Money in Trees and Other Crazy Video Game Elements

This week's GBE2 challenge isn't a word like usual, it's a picture:

So what does my video game filled brain think of? Why, crazy elements in games like finding money in trees, bushes, the grass, a box, a crate, jar, etc etc, of course! In fact, I wrote an article about this a year ago.

There have been many times where I looked at trees and thought "hey, I could use a few bucks, I'll just go get my sword...." Wouldn't that be pretty awesome? Speaking of crazy money, it could also be nice if bottle caps where currency like in Fallout.

But there are other weird things in video games we have grown accustom to besides money trees and bottle caps. Ammo is another thing that pops up in unexpected places. It's really cool when you kill a zombie and the body dissolves into a nice box of bullets.  Or how about health? Many games have started automatically refilling health, a practice that was made popular with the regenerating shields Halo Combat Evolved.  In the middle of a gun battle and you feel like you're about to die? That's no problem when all you got to do is hide behind a fence or building and wait a few seconds. Of course, this doesn't guarantee that you will never die in  game, but it is convenient, especially in FPSs  and other action intensive games.

Video games don't mirror real life, but when it comes to finding money in trees and bushes, sometimes I wish they did.


  1. I guess if you can't find a real life money tree, it would be fun to find one in a game!


  2. Your blog reminds me of Link in the Legend of Zelda series wandering around Hyrule slicing the crap out of every sliver of grass and bush in his wake in search of the all mighty rupee. Well done, staying on topic and in your niche!


  3. I was thinking the same thing as Kathy...Legend of Zelda. You rocked this one, RG!

  4. Like the way you pulled the topic into gaming. Great job.

  5. LOLOL me 2!!!!!!!!! hey where is that other story i want to read it! ((hugs))

  6. Thanks everyone! Yep I was totally thinking of Zelda, but there a bunch of other games that do similar things too.

    @Brenda, what other story? The article I wrote about ridiculous video game elements is linked in the post. :)

  7. Very cool post! =D

    --Diana Jillian

  8. Excellent! It's amazing how you can weave these prompts into gaming.