Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3D Dot Heroes: a Love Letter to the Legend of Zelda

Ever wonder what those nifty 8bit games of the past would look like if they were updated, pixels and all? 3D Dot Game Heroes gives us  a glance. While some criticize the game  for being too close to Zelda (and I admit I was a bit surprised  at some of the similarities), overall the game does has a style all its own. You can create a character block by block or pick from pre-make ones. You just don't create a person either. Any sort of creature is possible.

The world of Dotnia is place of exploration, filled with towns and people who joke about games. It's close enough to Hyrule that players feel comfortable, but unique enough to stand on its own.  While I can understand how some would feel it's "ripping of Zelda",  I tried to look at the game differently and found it's not a cheap knock off, but a solid, fun game. And isn't that what gamers want?

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  1. I think this game sounds like a lot of fun! It sucks a bit when a game has similarities to one you alreay love but it's cool that you can appreciate the differences too :D

  2. Sounds like something that would super fun to play! Thanks for the heads up!