Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vault Boy Tattoo

If you ever played Fallout New Vegas, perhaps you will recognize this as the Math Wrath perk.  Why did I go with Math Wrath? Even though I'm not a big fan of math, I like what this perk does. It optimizes your Pip Boy, saving AP costs by 10%.

Besides what it does, I just like it. He's wearing glasses. (so do I) It's a pretty clear shot of the Pip Boy, and he's focused so hard, his tongue's sticking out.  When deciding that I wanted a Fallout tattoo, a Vault Boy was the obvious choice, especially because in all the Fallout games, there are so many images to pick from.

There were other Vault Boys I was considering like Science and the Computer Hacking perk. Hacking in Fallout is my specialty. But Math Wrath won out because he just has so much personality in that image.

It's on my arm, just above my wrist.You can see part of my Link tattoo as well. I'm dedicating my lower arms to gaming. Link and Vault Boy are the first two done. Of course, I also have a huge BioShock tattoo, but that's on my leg. I'm getting that one worked on this weekend.

Just as my husband did my Link tattoo, he also did my Vault Boy.


  1. Does it work?

    Do you save 10%AP when using VATS?

    Randomly, how cool would it be to have VATS in real life? It would serve no use whatsoever, but it'd still be cool!

    In terms of which one for the Tat, you totally went with the right one.


  2. Wow. Neat tattoo. I haven't sat down to play through New Vegas on the PC, but Fallout 3 was one of the last games I played through on 360. If I were ever to get a game character tattoo, it would probably be one of Kirby, my all-time favorite.

  3. I've never played Fallout New Vegas but I think it's pretty awesome that you loved it enough to get something from it inked onto your body. A year ago I would have gotten a World of Warcraft tattoo, but now, I dunno, I don't play it enough. I think my next tattoo will have to be non-gamerish, but I think it's cool that yours isn't :)

    ~ Rhonda Parrish