Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Idiotic Things Gamers Do


Ah yes, gamers can be idiots, especially during online games. From spawn killing, tea bagging, and noob tubers, the world of online gaming (I'm looking at you Xbox Live) can be an idiotic place. But the idiotic behaviors aren't limited to how games are played. There's also extreme trash talking, harassment for being a girl, being called gay, or any other number of slurs. I don't play online that much and when I do it's with people I've know either in real life or on XBL for years.

But that's not all of the idiotic gaming habits. There's fanboys/fangirls who believe their console of choice is a precious gift and every other console is crap.  For my list of annoying/idiotic habits go here.

I like to think I don't act like an idiot. I'm a bit of a gaming snob when it comes to certain things, though. I don't believe Facebook  games  like Farmville are actual games. ( and Zynga calling a Farmville addict a "hardcore gamer" makes me sick to my stomach)

But, I don't bother with them and I try to keep my mouth shut.  :)



  1. I suppose with every obsession or hobby there are those who take it so seriously as to insult others. It sounds like avoiding them is the best way to go! :D

  2. I fully agree with you on this. It's one of the reasons I don't play online that often. People need to realize they are just games and not real life. Of course if I spent 12 hours a day playing Halo, maybe I'd be a little more of a serious jerk about things!

  3. I agree with you that the Zynga games are definitely not "hardcore". I am a farmer (shh! Dont judge me!), but I am not a hardcore gamer. Matt plays Xbox Live sometimes and I can see his frustration. I stay away, cause otherwise I would curse up a storm.

  4. I admin some of the biggest TF2 servers online so don't get me started on this one. :) You do have to learn to ignore a lot of the idiocy. Did I mention I've played WoW since beta? yup, gotta learn to ignore most of it... :p

  5. I find it humorous that we both chose a similar "I" post. Mine is entitled "Idiots in the Attic" – you can read it here: