Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for Zelda

Yup, another Legend of Zelda post.  The "damsel in distress" isn't the correct way of looking at the girl the series is named after. Sure, she's been captured, had a sleeping spell used on her, turned to stone etc etc. But Zelda is a kickass hero in her own right. The best example is the mysterious character of the Sheik in Ocarina. The Sheik helps out Link  a lot in the game, giving him information and teaching him songs. Of course, Sheik is really Zelda in disguise.

In Wind Waker, Link has to deal with a scrappy pirate named Tetra. Sure Tetra helps Link, but she's sarcastic  and snarky towards him. It's later revealed that she's Princess Zelda, although she only learns of this when Link does. At the end of the game, she's seen with her crew of pirates, ready to start a new adventure.   In Spirit Tracks, Zelda's body is stolen and her spirit helps Link restore peace to Hyrule. She's with Link through the whole game.

Zelda is a powerful character in her own right. The stereotypical "save the princess"  scenario doesn't fit in the series. And if you ever played the Super Smash Bro series, Zelda's one hell of a fighter, especially as Sheik.

Again, this A to Z challenge as been amazing and so much fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog to check me out this month!


  1. I am no means a gamer but I have heard of Zelda. My step-son used to play her all the time! That and Mario brothers

  2. My son has a girlfriend in kindergarten because she will play Zelda and Link with him. lol :) Good to know we aren't the only parents letting their kids play video games!

  3. I've heard Zelda is a tough gal, though I've never played. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge.
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  4. I nearly lost myself in Ocarina of Time. I was already to start galloping around town on my horse 'til friends staged the intervention. ;)

    Glad I found your blog!