Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crazy Main Quest Moments in the Legend of Zelda Series

I wrote a post about difficult LoZ side quests, so I figured I better tackle the annoying parts of the main quests. You can always skip some pain in the ass side quest. Maybe altogether or just until you calm down enough to try again. But when the main quest is making you nuts, you really can't progress in the game. So lets look at quests in the Legend of Zelda Series that drove me crazy.

My number one pick has to be that damn Temple of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. Seriously, how many times to we have to go there? And with a time limit? Don't forget the sneaking around...ugh...

Speaking of sneaking around, it's just not my style. But there are plenty of parts in the Zelda games that make you sneak into the castle or out of the castle. There's sneaking around while hiding in barrels in the Wind Waker. There's sneaking while dealing with  Princess Zelda in Spirit Tracks. Perhaps Link should carry a silenced pistol in times like these.

Of course, Link sometimes has to deal with companions in the main quests. I fondly remember getting mad at Medli in Wind Waker and throwing her into the walls of the Earth Temple. She would crash and get dizzy. I can't help it, she drove me nuts.  I'd just rather have it as me and Link against the evil of the land and not have to worry about someone else getting lost or frightened. *sigh*

There are other quests in LoZ that are pretty annoying. I won't even mention the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. That one should just be a given, for me at least.

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