Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Hello There

I have spent a good part of my day screwing around at my brand new Blogger home. I got to say it's pretty neat. I figure I'm almost done with the design except the header, which is being worked on.  So what's new? Well, the PSN is still down, but Sony promised us good little gamers goodies when it comes back. What are we getting? A free month of Plus and some games to download. They're vague about what games or if it's more then one. But it's something game related. Honestly, as a free user of the PSN, I wasn't expecting anything. But I'll gladly take what's given. I've been meaning to check out the Plus, so I'm excited about that. For the latest PSN updates check out Sony's PlayStation Blog. Hopefully, it will be back in a few days.

In other news, I'm checking out the new Black OPs DLC today. More zombies, yay! Seriously, I never get tired of shooting  zombies.

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