Friday, May 20, 2011

Video Games That Shouldn't Be Turned into Movies

Maybe I'm a gaming snob, but please leave these games alone. I don't like Hollywood's track record when it comes to video game based movies. Look at  the Super Mario movie or what they did to House of the Dead or the Resident Evil movies. For shame. Well, I think this trend should die. These are some titles that are near and dear to me that I never want to see on the big screen.

Legend of Zelda- Do I even need to say more? This is my favorite video game series and I have no faith that it can be turned into a good movie. I can just image that Hollywood would take bits and pieces from all the Zelda games and mash them together to make a pile of crap.

BioShock- There's been rumors about a BioShock movie. *sigh* Unless the filmmakers are 100% in love with the games and want to keep the adult themes, then hands-off.

Left 4 Dead- Yes, I realize L4D is  set-up like a movie with your gamertag proclaiming that you are Zoey or Bill. The loading screen looks like a movie poster. But there's really no in game story. Seriously, it is don't die and shot lots of zombies. And that's awesome. But I can see Hollywood making any old zombie movie and calling in L4D. And that's not awesome.

There are many other games  that also shouldn't be made into movies. Since the movie industry seems to be running out of ideas, I'm thinking no game is safe and that's bad for gamers who don't want their favorite titles turning into terrible movies.

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  1. Now for zelda games, if they make 1 movie for each of the games, it might have the chance of being good. I could imagine a LOTR style set of movies

  2. Maybe, but that's a lot of movies if they do it that way. And they probably would still manage it get it wrong. lol

  3. I think with the right producer and sufficient financial backing they could make some awesome movies. It would be kinda cool to see hyrule on the big screen