Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things That Should be in Fallout 4

When Fallout 3 was released, I quickly became obsessed with it. Six hours would go by without my knowledge kind of obsessed with it. While I do love New Vegas, I just can't wait for a Bethesda developed new Fallout game. Of course, there are ways Fallout 4 could be improved over Fallout 3.  Here's just a few:

1. I don't want my followers to die if there's a stiff breeze.
This was the most annoying thing (besides the glitches and freezes)  in Fallout 3. How the Hell did anyone who followed me survive before they joined me? It seems that the minute they walk out into the Wasteland, they drop dead. What's the point, then?

2. Have DLCs with a continuous story line.
New Vegas has some of the best DLC I've ever played. From the pain in the ass Dead Money to the amazingly wonderful and kooky Old World Blues, I loved them all. What makes them stand out is that little snippets of story from the main game and even the other DLCs can be found through out them. I like how it was brought all together, especially the Veronica and Christine story line.

3.  Make the beginning shorter.
When I first started Fallout 3, I was surprised to be a newborn baby, then a toddler, then a little kid, then a teenager. While I love taking the G.O.A.T, and shooting my dad and Jonas with my BB gun, it's a very long way to start a game. Perhaps the beginning of Fallout 4 could be more like New Vegas or Skyrim.

I know Fallout 4 won't probably come out for at least a year or two, but I'm still excited to get back into post nuclear America with its Dandy Boy Apples, Fancy Lad Snack Cakes, and Nuka Cola.

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  1. I really enjoyed playing Fallout 3, and it is one of my favorites in my small library of 360 games. I even went back to play the first two games in the series before its release, on account of how much I anticipated playing it. I really hope Fallout 4 is a marked improvement over it, the way Skyrim improved over Oblivion. It would most likely run on the new Skyrim engine, though I wonder if that would be enough to offer the level of improvements we all want. Personally, I don't mind waiting for it on next-gen consoles, if that is what it takes to get it right.

    1. I wouldn't mind waiting for next gen either. But, of course, there's a little part of me that wants it now. lol

  2. Fallout 3 was awesome. I felt like the main storyline was a little too short however. I ran through it quickly then went back to a previous save and spent hours upon hours scouring the wasteland for side quests. I concur with the waiting for FO4 on a next gen console. I would also like more intelligent NPCs to show up in the next installment. Great blog post.

    1. You're right, the main story line was really short. I think you can beat it in 30 minutes or something ridiculous like that if you skip the first few missions. I never noticed how short it was at first because I spent so much time exploring and doing side missions.