Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Final Bosses

In video games, final bosses can be anything from super hard to super easy, or even non-existent. The Legend of Zelda has always given gamers a final boss and most of them are awesome.  In fact, many Zelda fanatics agree that Skyward Sword's final boss, Demise, is the hardest in the series. The first Gears of War has RAAM,  who can be very difficult if you're not playing co-op. (Seriously, if I'm Marcus, the AI Dom likes nothing more than running straight up to RAAM and dying. )

But in Gears 2, there really isn't a final showdown. Same with Fallout 3, BioShock 2, and Saint's Row 2. Sure, there might be a wave of enemies, but nothing like a definite "this is it" moment. Even Alduin in Skyrim didn't give me the same challenge that other enemies in the game did.

It seems like more and more recent games lack that big fight at the end. I'm not sure how I feel about it. A part of me is okay with it, but another part wants the feeling of defeating the final and toughest enemy. I guess as long as the game is entertaining and filled with challenges along the way, I'll be happy. But not having that final moment can be a little jarring.

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  1. Final bosses can be a tricky thing to get right. I think the bosses in the Dragon Age series were especially good.

    Alduin in Skyrim was a weird one ... I don't want to say to much because of spoilers, but I felt your Alduin encounter with him wasn't as good as earlier encounters.

  2. "The Legend of Zelda has always given gamers a final boss and most of them are awesome."

    The Legend of Zelda has always given gamers a final boss and most of them are NOT THE END OF WIND WAKER WHERE THEY RAN OUT OF FUNDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/Rage

    Mehrunes Dagon...Admittedly I managed to beat him to the "melting point" but it still revolved around running past him and flipping him off...

    I wonder at all if end bosses are really worth it...


    1. I really like the final fight with Ganon in Wind Waker. I don't think it was very challenging for me, but it was a very fun and exciting, three part (as Zelda tends to do) final battle.

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