Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Questions about Video Games

I realize because of the A to Z challenge, a lot of my recent visitors aren't gamers. I thought it would be neat to use my Q post as an "ask me a question related to video games" sort of thing.  So ask me anything about video games, consoles, etc and I'll answer.

Keeping with this topic, there questions about games I want answered. Unfortunately, I don't think the answers are out there yet.

Here's what I'm dying to know:

What is Super Mario 4? I know there's been rumors, and Nintendo registered the domain name. E3 can't come quick enough. 

Will the extra content BioWare is giving us for Mass Effect 3 make everything better?

Where the hell is Fallout 4? 

How about that Skyrim DLC?

Will Activision kill the Call of Duty franchise by flooding the market, Guitar Hero style? ( It's not that I want this happen, but I have a feeling)

Will the super awesome Legend of Zelda art book that has the official timeline be released in the US?

Will the AO rating ever be more than the dumping ground for crappy porn games? 

Seriously, what the hell is Queen Myrrah? Is she a locust or human or a mix. This drives me nuts. 

There plenty of other unanswered questions I have, these are just a few.


  1. Yes, where is the Skyrim DLC. And Activision, please, please kill CoD now!!

    I want to ask Peter Molyneux where is Milo?

    And my questions for you are Skyrim related:

    What race and class do you play as?

    Who is your favourite NPC?

    Who did you side with in the Civil War, the Imperials or Stormcloaks?

    Did you kill Paarthurnax?

    1. I'm a Dark Elf. I don't think there are classes in Skyrim, at least not in the traditional "pick one" sense. But I mostly use Destruction magic.

      Hmm... I don't think I have a favorite, but Nazir from the Dark Brotherhood pops in my mind. I just like him.

      I haven't actually played through any of the Civil war missions yet. They both seem to hate Dark Elfs. lol I want to, though, and I'm think of joining the Imperials, but I'm not sure.

      Nope and I'm not going to.

    2. Dark Elves are cool. I love the hair options that come with them. Oh, I know they don't have a class system, I just wondered what play style you preferred, melee, magic or ranged.

      I think the Dark Brotherhood has the best NPCs. Nazir is excellent once he warms up to you.

      Yeah, both sides do seem to be pretty down on elves. :( Nords are especially bad though. I hate that racist one in Windhelm.

      I know, who would want to kill him?! *loves Paarthurnax*

    3. I figured you knew about the lack of a class system, so I was a bit confused there. lol

      I would have married him if it was an option.

      So true!

      I don't see any benefit to killing him, either.

    4. LOL Yeah, it's a bit hard for me to shake the idea of classes. I still keep to a loose system.

      It makes me sad that the only faction followers you can marry are the ones from The Companions and College. There should have been marriage options in the DB and Thieves guild, too.

      No, unless you want to restore the Blades.

  2. Great thought - I've had to expand my blog's parameters a bit for A to Z, as well.

    I have an answer to one of your questions! Fallout 4 is otherwise known as Fallout: New Vegas. Great game. Just finished a second, nostalgic play-through with DLC content I finally got around to buying. I will say I missed the city-ness of Fallout 3, though.

    A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by.

      Fallout New Vegas isn't Fallout 4. It's sort of an off- shoot of the series. It was developed by Obsidian, where as Fallout 4 will be developed by Bethesda.

      While I did greatly enjoy New Vegas, I liked Fallout 3 more. I can't wait to hear something more concrete about it.