Monday, April 30, 2012

May Monster Madness

One of my favorite video game genres is horror. For the May Monster Madness, I think it will be awesome to focus on some true video game monsters.

So for the next week, I'll be posting about my favorite gaming horrors. I intend to mostly focus on one character from each game. However, I think I will also dedicate posts to entire games, perhaps those that just have too many monsters to pick from.

Here are some of the games I want to cover:
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
and one or two surprises

What is your favorite horror video game? Or gaming monster?


  1. Favorite horror game? In terms of scares, the original Silent Hill I guess. In terms of gameplay, Resident Evil 4.

    As for monsters, the obvious winner for me is Bowser from the Super Mario games. :D

  2. Honestly NIGHTMARE CREATURES II was a favorite of mine, sure the graphics could have been better and I so wish they would put a new one out. I love Res Evil and Silent Hill they capture Horror wonderfully.
    shoutout to Parasite Eve too:)good times

  3. I enjoyed Dead Island so much! I'm more of a fantasy RPG girl myself, with my favorite series right now being Dragon Age. Horror games can be tough for me because they are so immersive I get freaked out easily! Love watching my hubby play Dead Space though. ^_^